One-on-one counseling sessions, involving:

  • Challenging limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Self exploration of who you are and what you want
  • Intention setting and goal planning
  • Energy tuneup – time for quiet reflection and getting in touch with your inner world
  • Supportive check-ins – opportunity for you to receive inspiration, feedback and loving compassion

My goal with Innerspace sessions is to truly listen, to tune into your reality as you see it, and to guide you in a way that’ll best serve your unique path towards balance. During these sessions I can help to get in touch with your deepest intentions and offer advice for ways to reach your goals. This is a time for us to discuss limiting beliefs and come up with plans for how to work through tough feelings and situations. At the same time, these sessions allow for mystery to weave in. They are a blend of speaking your truth while I listen and spending time in silence while you receive an energy tuneup. I call it emptying and re-filling the vessel.

I encourage first time clients to book an Innerspace session first. It’s a good way to meet and get to know one another. However, I’m all about people following their intuition – if you feel called to start with your Outerspace don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule with me. After an Outerspace session it’s helpful to utilize Innerspace sessions to help feel supported and inwardly cleared while navigating your physical space.



Hands-on home or office visits, involving:

  • Physical interaction with your space
  • Creative inspiration and direction
  • Non-judgmental analysis and feedback of your space
  • Plans of process regarding clutter and organization

During Outerspace sessions, I’ll often be playing the role of creative muse, gently nudging you in a direction that you’re already familiar with. I am here to remind you that you are gifted with your own innate ability to aesthetically create some level of harmony with your environment. Whether or not we put forth the energy is the real question. Also during these sessions we’ll be getting into practical stuff like “clearing clutter.” All of us have tendencies to hold onto things we don’t need for too long, even to the point of physically avoiding possessions that symbolize a part of us that we resent. This dynamic of ‘not letting go’ creates stagnation in parts of our lives. I can help bring order and a flowing structure to your living or work space, an invaluable aspect of well being. Bringing your environment into harmony has dramatic effects on your career, family, love life, friends, finances, sleep, energy levels, etc. I love to inspire ideas when it comes to furniture placement and landscaping.

With regard to feng shui, I am familiar with the ancient science, however this approach is different. I adapt the spirit of feng shui through a western aesthetic and understanding, and so the practice is naturally unique. I do embrace the model of the Chinese Five Elements, as relating to these universal principles can be very valuable. Ultimately however, I believe that fully showing up and being myself is the greatest service I can offer.