feng shui

While feng shui is an ancient teaching that seeks to harmonize the physical environment to align with the lives of those who occupy the space, it is much more than the placement of furniture, hanging crystals or learning how to orient your bed and desk. The real goal as it relates to place is to design exterior spaces that elegantly reflect and harmonize with the inner world of the individual. ~ William Spear

Feng shui, literally translated as ‘wind water’, traces its roots back to ancient China. It is both the inspired art of outer arrangement, and the medicine of inner balance that results when one creates harmony with their environment.

We all seek balance through the unique mediums that are most accessible to us. Some see a masseuse to loosen tightness in muscles and joints, while others see an acupuncturist to target stuckness in the flow of subtle energy. Some play music to channel whatever raw emotions want to be released through sound, while others do the same through dance and movement. Some chat with a counselor to pinpoint unconscious beliefs and conditioning, and some intuit the mythic wisdom of story through novels and film. Most of us find that our access points to balance are a synthesis of many art forms, each serving as healer in some special way. With feng shui, we’re dealing with the flow of energy as it’s mirrored in our immediate physical environment. The landscape without is an expression of the emotional landscape within. Connecting with our environment grounds and empowers us, and puts us in touch with what we love, fear, and are truly seeking.