I am not classically trained in feng shui. What I do know has been passed to me in books and lectures by well known masters. And other than that, my practice is fueled by 100% organic inspiration. Finding feng shui and the ideas of organizing space was like when Shakespeare found a pen and paper or when Michael Jackson found his feet and a mic…it was meant to be.

As a little girl in the busy suburbs east of Los Angeles, I paid close attention to details. I observed my surroundings and other people, both with my head and my gut. Observing, listening, counseling, and ideas…that’s me. As I got older, I studied psychology and history, which deepened my fascination with human behavior and its relationship with the world. I transplanted to Olympia in the fall of 2011, just in time to enjoy a week of summer!

Out in the world I enjoy dancing, walking in the forest with my dog, and exploring and traveling around the world. At home, I love cooking up tasty meals for my husband, reading The Lord of the Rings and other geeky novels, spending time in my garden, and of course rearranging our living space . . .

. . . constantly rearranging our living space. In fact, it feels unnatural if I leave things alone for very long. My home rarely looks the same for more than a few weeks, as I’m continually finding something to transform. There’s a symbiosis between my home and my inner space. Change is what’s happening, however scary it may seem, and this is my way to open up to it.

I feel so excited and blessed to have found this work. It’s always rewarding and I feel joy and inspiration doing it. Thank you for being part of this journey.