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Clearing Clutter

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Time to get personal about my journey with the art of clearing clutter. You see, clearing clutter has never been an issue for me. It’s always been easy for me to move or get rid of stuff, to let go of things I’m no longer using or needing. Prior to six months ago I would have considered myself to be a master at clearing and keeping my space clean of stagnant energy, but life has a funny way of bringing you to a new threshold of learning right when you decide you’ve mastered something. Oh thank you universe for continually humbling me.   Let me share with you how the universe taught me I had more learning to do around letting go. First, I’ve gotta back up and give you some personal history. When I was 23 my mom died unexpectedly. We didn’t have the best relationship, mostly because her childhood was so bad, but regardless of our tensions, I was shocked and traumatized by her death. Super intense. Shortly after her death I decided to move home and be with my dad, or at least that’s what I told myself. Now looking back I think I moved home because I was in a deep depression and wanted to escape from life, retreat home and hide away from the world. And that’s what I did. I spent three years living at home, not really working expect for some odd jobs here and there, not taking care of myself, watching way too much television, self-medicating and really not telling any of my friends what was going on with me. I did a lot of avoiding difficult topics, late nights of self-loathing, and neglecting of my health. It was a dark time that went on way too long. What eventually got me out of that house was a rather irresponsible decision to travel to Europe for three months with a friend from college who was also looking to shake things up in their life. That “friend” is my husband today. Yep, we went to Europe, had a blast, became best friends, became lovers, fell deeply in love, came home, and a year later got married. Going to Europe was exactly what I needed. I needed to shake up my system and get out of my deep depressed rut. I felt different when I came home. I had a new purpose, I was in love with my best friend, and we were starting to plan our life together. We decided to move across the country to the PNW and start fresh. This coincided with my dad’s decision to move out of the house that he had lived in with my mom for the past ten-plus years. This house was oozing with her energy. She had a bit of a hoarding problem. She loved to collect so many things, like beanie babies. She had over five hundred. Glassware – two cabinets full. Teddy bears – hundreds. Stuff stuff stuff, everywhere. And so began the great de-cluttering of 2011. But really, it was a project! And my husband helped the whole way. We had a huge yard sale, we put up lots of ads on craigslist and ebay. Over a couple months we were able to get rid of almost everything that had belonged to my mother. I loved it! Not to sound cold hearted, but it felt so great to let go of things, of my mother’s death and my difficult childhood with her. To let go of where I grew up and to open up space for my future with my new husband and new geography. I promised to never live in an environment so loaded with things, with stuff. I told myself I was going to have a better life with a better home. I was quite certain of that.   And I did create that life for myself – a beautiful family in a new beautiful town with a beautiful house put together exactly as I wanted. It was at the beginning of this new transition that I found feng...

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