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The Feminine Office

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  Lately I have noticed a trend with my female clients—their offices are not reflective and supportive of their true nature. They are cluttered, dark, over-crowded, masculine and lacking a sense of vibrancy and vitality. I’m talking big hunky dark desks with big oversized office chairs, no pops of color or texture, no art filled with beauty and elegance, piles and piles of clutter and no sense of personal attachment. These offices do not reflect the brilliant personalities that my female clients carry in their work, family and life. They do not reflect a sense of personal self worth, elegance and ease– three things I consider to be exquisite feminine qualities very much needed in the world, especially the world of business. Words like office and business and entrepreneur are synonymous with masculinity. For a long time now women have taken a back seat to men when it comes to forging careers and exploring business opportunities. Not because women are any less qualified or intelligent, but because women have been told that they have to do business like men in order to make in this world. Well, I whole-heartedly disagree with that and I am here to remind all of my female clients that you can create a business or career that perfectly aligns with your inner nature and you can reflect that in your space, in your own office. Your office should look like you. It should reflect the career you are living each day. It should contain the colors you like, hold the furniture you like, the walls should be decorated with pictures and art that makes your heart soar, and you should have it organized just the way you like. I guarantee that you will work harder and produce better work if you are working in an environment that reflects your own inner beauty, sense of style and purpose.   And, I’m not saying that you need remove all masculine items; you may love and thrive in an environment that is typical masculine office style. I’m asking you to take a look around your office and ask yourself “does this space mirror my inner self?” If the answer is no, then ask yourself “what changes would I make to this space?”   Great tools for changing up your office: Color: you can paint the walls, you can paint your desk, you can add accents pieces that pop with the colors you love. Or perhaps you need to simplify and start over with a neutral pallet. Texture: creating a sense of depth and complexity can really enliven your space. It doesn’t have to be a huge statement piece, adding a rustic piece of wood is adding texture in a more subtle way. Furniture layout: ideally you don’t want your back facing the door, you want to be able to see whoever is coming into your office. Imagine a big-shot ceo, would she/he have their backs to the door? Organization: getting your office in order so that you feel productive and in sync with your work is huge. And you can make it fun by choosing organizing features that are suitable to your personal style. Lighting: who likes fluorescent lighting? No one! Changing up your lighting can be huge for shifting your comfort ability and general productivity in your office. Try to create a balance of up lighting and down lighting. Torch lamps are great for shooting light up and bringing energy up and desk lamps that point down are great for focus and detail. Plants: find pieces that personally speak to you and try placing them around areas with electronics, it can help to soften the space. Also try adding fresh flowers to your space every week—the energy of fresh flowers is extremely potent and invigorating. Chinese Five Elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. All of these elements can be reflected in your space and when you choose the element that speaks to you most directly and decide to represent that element in your office you will be amazed at how much energy, mental stimulation and...

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