There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action,
 and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. 
And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost. 
The world will not have it. 
It is not your business to determine how good it is, nor how valuable it is, nor how it compares with other expressions. 
It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open.

quote of the moment, by Martha Graham


I am not classically trained in feng shui. What I do know has been passed to me in books and lectures by well known masters. And other than that, my practice is fueled by 100% organic inspiration. Finding feng shui and the ideas of organizing space was like when Shakespeare found a pen and paper or when Michael Jackson found his feet and a mic…it was meant to be. As a little girl in the busy suburbs east of Los Angeles, I paid close attention to details. I observed my surroundings and other people, both with my head and my gut. Observing, listening, counseling, and ideas…that’s me. As I got older, I studied psychology and history, which deepened my fascination with human behavior and its relationship with the world. I transplanted to Olympia in the fall of 2011, just in time to enjoy a week of summer! Out in the world I enjoy dancing, walking in the forest with my dog, and exploring and traveling around the world. At home, I love cooking up tasty meals for my husband, reading The Lord of the Rings and other geeky novels, spending time in my garden, and of course rearranging our living space . . . . . . constantly rearranging our living space. In fact, it feels unnatural if I leave things alone for very long. My home rarely looks the same for more than a few weeks, as I’m continually finding something to transform. There’s a symbiosis between my home and my inner space. Change is what’s happening, however scary it may seem, and this is my way to open up to it. I feel so excited and blessed to have found this work. It’s always rewarding and I feel joy and inspiration doing it. Thank you for being part of this...

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feng shui

While feng shui is an ancient teaching that seeks to harmonize the physical environment to align with the lives of those who occupy the space, it is much more than the placement of furniture, hanging crystals or learning how to orient your bed and desk. The real goal as it relates to place is to design exterior spaces that elegantly reflect and harmonize with the inner world of the individual. ~ William Spear Feng shui, literally translated as ‘wind water’, traces its roots back to ancient China. It is both the inspired art of outer arrangement, and the medicine of inner balance that results when one creates harmony with their environment. We all seek balance through the unique mediums that are most accessible to us. Some see a masseuse to loosen tightness in muscles and joints, while others see an acupuncturist to target stuckness in the flow of subtle energy. Some play music to channel whatever raw emotions want to be released through sound, while others do the same through dance and movement. Some chat with a counselor to pinpoint unconscious beliefs and conditioning, and some intuit the mythic wisdom of story through novels and film. Most of us find that our access points to balance are a synthesis of many art forms, each serving as healer in some special way. With feng shui, we’re dealing with the flow of energy as it’s mirrored in our immediate physical environment. The landscape without is an expression of the emotional landscape within. Connecting with our environment grounds and empowers us, and puts us in touch with what we love, fear, and are truly...

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Innerspace One-on-one counseling sessions, involving: Challenging limiting beliefs and patterns Self exploration of who you are and what you want Intention setting and goal planning Energy tuneup – time for quiet reflection and getting in touch with your inner world Supportive check-ins – opportunity for you to receive inspiration, feedback and loving compassion My goal with Innerspace sessions is to truly listen, to tune into your reality as you see it, and to guide you in a way that’ll best serve your unique path towards balance. During these sessions I can help to get in touch with your deepest intentions and offer advice for ways to reach your goals. This is a time for us to discuss limiting beliefs and come up with plans for how to work through tough feelings and situations. At the same time, these sessions allow for mystery to weave in. They are a blend of speaking your truth while I listen and spending time in silence while you receive an energy tuneup. I call it emptying and re-filling the vessel. I encourage first time clients to book an Innerspace session first. It’s a good way to meet and get to know one another. However, I’m all about people following their intuition – if you feel called to start with your Outerspace don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule with me. After an Outerspace session it’s helpful to utilize Innerspace sessions to help feel supported and inwardly cleared while navigating your physical space.   Outerspace Hands-on home or office visits, involving: Physical interaction with your space Creative inspiration and direction Non-judgmental analysis and feedback of your space Plans of process regarding clutter and organization During Outerspace sessions, I’ll often be playing the role of creative muse, gently nudging you in a direction that you’re already...

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~ helping you feel at home, at home ~